Brief: Homecoming Dance

The first in-person dance in a year and a half did not disappoint


Rowan Campbell

Watch-fobbed dandies and bareknuckle fighters packed Tent 3 for a Great Gatsby-themed Homecoming night to remember.

Carson Cortright, Staff Writer

On Saturday night, October 16th, almost 200 upperclassmen met together in the tents lining the Dining Hall. From 8 to 11 pm, loud music, chatter, and a spree of dancers filled the night, in a fitting end to Friends’ triumphant Rivalry Day.

The Great Gatsby theme set the bar high in terms of attire. We saw many different costumes, dresses, and even tuxedos, which set a fashionable tone for the lively energy that would remain throughout the night.

Henry Sellinger, manning the DJ stand, ensured the dance floor’s central role. A fine-tuned mix of over 100 songs filled his queue, delivering impressive energy and excitement.

As the first in-person dance in over a year and a half, it was an appropriate showing, reminding the school of its love for Homecoming.