Humor: Random Garbage Proclaimed “Avant-Garde Masterpiece” at Friends

“Art is subjective,” said an anonymous Art Major student. “It doesn’t matter that it’s a literal piece of trash.”


Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

Pile of trash or artistic masterpiece? You be the judge.

Thomas Hazelhurst, Staff Writer

Friends School of Baltimore has always been known to challenge the art world.

Each year, an art show displays Friends students’ best work. These pieces range from pictures of random strangers, to a collection of socks in a Ziploc bag that has stunned Maryland’s high society.

Today, Friends has exhibited such a mindbogglingly complex piece that it has caught the attention of the world. The piece is a collection of all the trash compiled from the school cafeteria over a week, forming an image which is out of this world.

“It’s a beautiful masterwork of tremendous proportions!” exclaimed Madame Daisy De Hohenzollern Romanov of Windsor Bush the 3rd, the current head of the Baltimore Society of Art and the American Society of Excruciatingly Long Names.

Madame Daisy told the Baltimore Sun that the new piece “will become part of the Baltimore Museum of Art collection by the end of the year.”

The piece has garnered attention from around the globe, with many of the world’s richest elites flocking to Baltimore to praise the new artwork.

But the piece also has critics. The most pronounced criticism comes from the Friends student body. Many students say the art is a piece of garbage.

Other students have come to the defense of the artwork.

“Art is subjective,” said an anonymous Art Major student. “It doesn’t matter that it’s a literal piece of trash. It is up to the individual to decide whether to give the piece value – or to just look at it at face value.”

Despite its criticism, the aptly named “Pile of Art” is considered by the New Yorker to be the most popular art piece in the world right now, with everyone coming together to see the work for themselves.