Brief: Friends’ First Homecoming Since 2019

Lights! Dance! Food! Mr. Henschen! DJs! Costumes! Homecoming 2022 was a success!


Carson Freeman

Upper School students wait in line for snacks and admission to the 2022 homecoming dance.

Sam Butz and Ben Jacobs

There were no shortage of smiles and laughs at last Saturday’s homecoming. On a cool evening, the 22nd of October, the Friends Upper School gathered for the annual dance.

For most students, though, this was their first. Only the senior class had experienced previous homecoming dances, due to the pandemic. 

The dance began at 8 pm, as students arrived outside the gym. Administrators helped them check in, then they made their way to the picnic glade, where the Parents Association provided snacks and drinks. They then proceeded into the Dining Hall for dancing.

Here’s a closer look into the different aspects of the the dance.


The room was decorated with purple balloons, streamers, and bright purple lights. All of the lunch tables had been moved out to make room for dancing. The place was packed with students. The center of the dance floor was blazing hot, due to the crowd.


While many students ignored the Fairy Tale theme and wore typical dance attire, others went all out. Standouts included Owen Miller’s mattress costume, Noah Ripke’s Snow White-themed ensemble, and Colin Moon’s Lord Farquaad outfit.


The Parents Association provided chips, Honey Buns, Rice Krispies treats, Kool-Aid, and much more. While most students said they were thrilled with the array of snacks, some said they wished the school had something more substantial and nourishing to offer.


The music in the dining hall was very loud, and many students complained about the speakers. Senior Max Palmer DJed the dance, playing rap songs that kept the crowd moving, and mixing in requests. This had pros and cons. Songs ended abruptly, rather than crossfading to allow for a smooth transition, which often caught students off guard, and temporarily stopped the movement on the dance floor.


Lots of fun socializing and dancing happened in the hours of the dance, and students made many memories. The dance lasted until 11 pm, with the majority of students departing around 10:30. 


This year’s homecoming was loads of fun. Thanks to Max’s DJ skills, the snacks and decorations set up by the Parents Association, and the time spent by the Senate and faculty members to ensure everything went smoothly, many students say this night will be one to remember.