Brief: Seniors Are Feeling Max College Stress

Moving into early November, it’s full steam ahead for Friends seniors. The pressure is on and the tensions are high.


Chandler Grace Abernathy

College admissions season is a tough time to be a senior, as Nate Wilkes ’23 demonstrates.

Anneke Wagner, Contributor

Friends School seniors are feeling the stress as college application deadlines approach.

Some seniors have already sent out applications to schools with October 15th deadlines; most schools have Early Action and Early Decision deadlines of either November 1st or 15th. These either just passed, or students are worried about them now.

On top of the workload that comes with being an upperclassman, seniors have added college applications to their overwhelming to-do lists. But as midterm exams approach, and the quarter ends, teachers seem to be assigning even more work and assessments than usual.

Students are finding it difficult to make time to finish their applications and school work, and enjoy their senior year and all the traditions that come with it. What should they prioritize: school work, or college applications?

Though applications may seem like the obvious choice, colleges will see their grades, and some schools take a student’s first-quarter grades into consideration when reviewing applications.

Some people assume that students just need to complete the Common Application and Essay. But most schools ask for supplemental essays and additional information, that can make a single application take hours to complete and revise.

Moving into early November, it is full steam ahead for Friends School seniors. The pressure is on and the stress and tensions are high.

The finish line is slowly coming into sight. But the road to get there feels long and treacherous.