Reviewing Friends School’s Best Study Spots

Are you studying in the on-campus spot that’s best for you?


Carson Freeman

I compared busy FSB study spots, like the Upper School Library (left), and quieter ones, like Senior Hall in the early morning (right).

Carson Freeman, Editor-in-Chief

We all have our favorite work spaces here at school. But what if you could find a better one? I tried  three different study spots at Friends School to see which stood out as a place to get work done. 

  Library  *  Upper School 1st Floor

During Morning Break, the Library was such a popular hangout spot that it was hard to find a seat to study there. (Carson Freeman)

First I tried the Library. I visited during morning break. The first thing that struck me was the noise level. Despite what you’d expect in a library, the sound of chatter was ever-present. It also surprised me that more people were hanging out in the library than studying.

As I strolled through the room to find a seat, many couches and chairs were already in use. This made finding a comfortable spot more difficult. Eventually, I found a chair in the back corner of the room. As I began to work, the level of chatter became vexing. I put earbuds on, and wasn’t disrupted again until the bell rang.

My main takeaway from studying in the library was its loud and crowded nature. But amenities like printers, hole punchers, and a computer cart can be compelling reasons to study in the library.

I’d only recommend the library if you plan to visit outside of peak hours, though. I stopped by again while classes were in session, and most of the previous issues mentioned had vanished. So it might be worth visiting during free blocks.

  Learning Center  *  Upper School 4th Floor

The Learning Center is purpose-built for studying. It consists of a large common room with tables, and a hallway of small study rooms. I decided to give one of the private study rooms a try. 

After climbing multiple flights of stairs, I was able to snag a private room, since a study group had just left it. I immediately noticed the stark difference in noise level, compared to the Library. Throughout my study session, I only ever heard faint chatter from the hall. Being separated from the next studying person/group by a whole wall was a huge advantage for limiting noise and distractions.

Steps away from the private room, in the common space, are shelves with just about everything you’d need for an effective study session. Every textbook imaginable, pencils, note cards, and a printer are just a few of the amenities. The only downside is that private rooms are seldom available by just walking in. But they are bookable. So book ahead, on the signup sheet out front, so you don’t waste a walk upstairs. 

  Teacher classrooms  *  Various

Teacher classrooms, in my opinion, are severely underrated as a place to study or get work done. I tested one during a break between classes. Although there was a bit of chatter while I was working, it was nothing too distracting.

Plus, it’s all worth it to have a teacher at your disposal to answer any questions you have. While I was working on homework questions inside a teacher’s room during my break, the teacher was more than happy to help me with them. 

I can’t recommend studying in a teacher’s room enough. But there are some things to remember. There’s no guarantee the teacher won’t have a class during your break. Also, if the teacher is already busy with other students, you might not reap the benefits of having a teacher at your disposal. 

  Grade Halls  *  Various

Senior Hall before 8:30 am was a sparsely occupied and quiet place to study. (Carson Freeman)

The next morning, I decided to try out Senor Hall. I arrived slightly early, at 7:45 am, to study until I needed to start packing up at 8:50. Unlike in the library, it was fairly easy to find a spot – maybe because seniors aren’t required to arrive at school until 8:50. So your mileage might vary depending on which grade hall you’re using. 

At first, Senior Hall was pleasantly quiet compared to the Library. But noise levels rose as the time got closer to 8:50 and more people arrived. After 8:30, I found that earbuds were a must. By 8:40 it was nearly impossible to get work done, as friends and peers became a source of distractions. But as in the Library, the printer was helpful.


Of the places I visited, I found the Learning Center to be the best study spot. Although your luck might vary in securing a private room, the 4th floor has everything you need to have a quiet, productive, and comfortable study session.