School Reacts to Smelly Senior Prank

Fart spray and a faculty lounge takeover marked the class of 2023’s spin on the notorious tradition. Quill reporters gathered student and teacher reactions, in podcast and print.


Mary Wiltenburg

Seniors enjoy the club decor in the converted teacher’s lounge as part of their senior prank.

JJ Porter and Brayden Mathias

The building was full of a foul smell. Music blared from the Faculty Room. On Tuesday morning, May 2nd, Upper School students and teachers arrived at school to find the annual senior prank underway. 

Per Friends School tradition, on the last day of school for seniors they do some type of prank. Last year the Class of 2022 occupied the staff parking lot. This year’s seniors occupied the Teachers’ Lounge, turning it into a dance club, and spraying a number of bathrooms and grade halls with “fart spray.”

The prank was met by mixed reactions from faculty and students

“Wack,” was junior Mikel Smith’s verdict. “They could have done better.”

Junior Nigel Moore agreed.

“I thought it was terrible, because when I went to my grade hall it smelled like farts,” he said. “It was too loud in the morning. It was way too early for that.”

Faculty reaction was mixed.

English teacher and alum Rob Travieso called the stunt “fairly blasé.” He said he was happy it “didn’t cause any destruction,” but was annoyed that he couldn’t get to his normally constant stream of coffee from the faculty room. 

History teacher and 12th grade dean Josh Carlin disagreed.

“I thought the faculty room part was awesome,” he said. “The only part that I didn’t like about it was I think the whole senior class needed to be there like 7:30 in the morning. That would have made it better: if, when the faculty showed up, all the seniors were in there.”

Carlin, however, was not a fan of the smell.

“NAH, I did not like the spray,” he said.

Seniors Dylan Barnes and Sammi Nelson-Saunders both expressed some frustration about the prank itself – but also the decision process by which their class arrived at it. 

“It was godawful, terrible. Worst senior prank in history. Nobody listened to my input and I had a lot to say,” said Dylan. “It’s ridiculous and they were being stuck up.”

Sammi agreed.

“I think the senior prank was not a reflection of our entire grade,” she said. “I wish the entire grade had more input.”