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Friends School of Baltimore's Student News * Founded 1938

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Friends School of Baltimore's Student News * Founded 1938

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At the end of their final Collection, the class of 2024 streamed onstage for a final dance, and shouts of SEN-IORS!
Class of 2024's Last Collection [Brief & Video]
With heartfelt speeches and whole-class choreography, seniors said farewell to their teachers and underclassmen.
Members of Friends Schools class of 2025 pose for a photo before their first prom.
Photos, Dancing, Memories - and Don't Forget the Food [Brief]
Missed prom? A Quill correspondent and first-time attendee recaps everything you need to know.
Friends juniors prepare for the 2023 Homecoming dance.
'Back to the Future' at Friends School [Brief]
Homecoming 2023 threw students from the '80s to the future, as DJ Ok got everyone on their feet, and even faculty busted a move.
Fans line up for snowballs from a Kona Ice truck during a break in the rain on Scarlet and Grey day.
Scarlet & Grey Day Hits the Quarter Century Mark [Brief]
On a recent rainy Saturday, Park and Friends School sports teams faced off in a series of contests, cheered on by hundreds of soggy fans.
On the final day of Spirit Week, seniors dressed in Friends School colors - scarlet and grey - for the annual Pep Rally.
A Silly, Spirited Week [Brief]
Leading up to Rivalry Day, students dressed up to show their school spirit - and sense of humor.
A senior accesses the Common App landing page for the University of Delaware. As college deadlines approach, the class of 24 is sleepy and stresses.
Seniors Feel College Pressure as Early Deadlines Approach [Brief]
The mood in senior hall is tense, as sleep-starved teens scramble to finish their essays - along with a heavy load of mid-semester schoolwork.
The Morgan State University Marching Band processes down the Friends School driveway, lined with cheering crowds of students, from preschoolers to 12th graders.
In a Year of Tragedy, Morgan Band Concert a Particular Gift [Brief]
Friends students expressed gratitude for the marching band's energetic performance - especially so soon after a shooting on the Morgan State University campus injured five students.
In Orioles fan and 12th grade dean Josh Carlins office, Friends memorabilia and a recent Baltimore Sun front page celebrating the teams winning season have pride of place.
Fans Dress for MLB Success on Friends' 'Orange Thursday' [Brief]
Led this season by an exciting core of young, up-and-coming stars, the Orioles have won back the hearts of many Friends School fans.
Award-winning novelist Jenny Offill visits the 10th grade English class of Rob Traviesso - her own former student.
Upper School Author Visit Brings Reunion [Brief]
Novelist Jenny Offill spent a day on campus meeting with students at the invitation of her own former student - English teacher Rob Travieso.
Senior Maeve Reichert, head of the literary magazine Mock Turtle, talks to potential 9th grade recruits during the 2023 clubs fair.
Highlights From Upper School Clubs Fair [Brief]
Dozens of clubs showed their stuff and courted new members at the high-energy, candy-fueled gathering on the quad.

NFL Week 6 Predictions

A team of Quill reporters and football fans gives their two cents about this week’s matchups.
Photo by Adrian Curiel on Unsplash

Welcome to week 6 of the NFL season!

We most likely won’t be doing Thursday night football this week due to time constraints. But just know the Broncos have not beat the Chiefs since 2015.

Same deal as last time. Be sure to comment on any suggestions for us. Good luck to each team; and remember, “On any given Sunday…”

TEAMS ON BYE: (Green Bay Packers 2-3) (Pittsburgh Steelers 3-2)

Ravens vs. Titans

Ravens 28, Titans 14

The Ravens had an embarrassing week versus their longtime rivals. They needed a win here, and the Titans are the perfect team to help them out. The Titans’ entire team seems to be declining and really the only things helping them win are their old running back, their elite defensive tackle, and their top tier coach. We are not too worried about the Ravens losing.

Panthers vs. Dolphins

SOLOMON: Panthers 17, Dolphins 40

If you are a Panthers fan, I am sorry. This year is honestly hard to watch. If the Panthers surrounded Bryce Young with even a slightly better team and better coaching, he could be incredible. However, they do not have that. They gave up an elite receiver in DJ Moore, and their first round pick for this upcoming draft – which is looking like the possible first overall pick. So that is why the Panthers are terrible. Of course, they are facing one of the greatest teams in the league. I pray for you, Panthers fans. It is going to be a rough week.

SAM: Panthers 17, Dolphins 35

Just here to bring the Fins out of the 40 range.

Saints vs. Texans

Saints 28, Texans 30

It is insane that either of these teams are any good. Especially the Texans. Considering last week’s performance from the Saints, and the Texans’ performance this whole year, I think this could be a fun one to watch.

Commanders vs. Falcons

Commanders 28, Falcons 28

SOLOMON: I feel like this could be a major bounce-back week for the Commanders. These teams feel very similar, and I wonder if it may be the first tie of this year. This will be a great game for fantasy football managers, but no one else. Also I like to put 28 in the scores for the Falcons.

SAM: He sure does love giving the Falcons 28.

Colts vs. Jaguars

Colts 14, Jaguars 45

Trevor Lawrence has yet to play the Colts at his best. Last year, he played the Colts before the Jaguars really took off, and his rookie year, he was not very impressive. Yet the two times Trevor Lawrence has beaten the Colts, it has been straight up embarrassing for the Colts. Now Trevor Lawrence is on the best team the Jaguars have had in a long time. Honestly, without Anthony Richardson this should be an extremely easy win.

Bengals vs. Seahawks

Bengals 35, Seahawks 32

After last week, I feel the Bengals should start to hit their stride, and Joe Burrow will start playing like he has in previous years. The Seahawks are a great team, though. It should be a close game, but the Bengals get this win.

Browns vs. 49ers

Browns 9, 49ers 35

SAM: Hear me out! If anything, this final score is generous. I had the privilege of watching the 9ers blow the Cowboys out of the water in a final score of 42-10. This game saw: Brock Purdy go for four touchdown passes; Fred Warner log a sack, forced fumble, and interception; the 9ers win the turnover battle 4-1; and George Kittle net the first 3-touchdown catch game for a 49er since 2009. This was hyped up to be a shootout between two NFC juggernauts. What it turned out to be was a 49ers’ beatdown of their longtime postseason punching bag. The 9ers are the best the league has to offer. Considering that Cleveland will most likely be without their starting QB, I doubt the Browns will put up much of a fight.

P.S: Brock Purdy is a top-5 quarterback. He is 8th in passing yards, 2nd in yards/attempt and completion % (minimum 100 passes), tied-4th in TDs, 1st in interceptions (minimum 100 passes; this means he’s thrown none), 1st in passer and QB rating. Deal with it.

SOLOMON: For the last two weeks, I have predicted the 49ers to lose. I refuse to do it again. But Brock Purdy is not a top-5 man. Based on stats, maybe. But if you look at other quarterbacks based on stats and based on their film, I would definitely put Tua, Allen, Mahomes, Herbert, and Lamar all over him. Brock Purdy is not carried by his team, but he is definitely not the most important to their success. 

Patriots vs. Raiders 

Patriots 10, Raiders 13

SAM: Don’t watch this game. Don’t do it. Please. Don’t do it.

SOLOMON: We asked English teacher Rob Travieso to comment on this game. He believes it will be Raiders 27, Patriots 10.

Lions vs. Buccaneers

Lions 38, Buccs 24

The Lions are arguably in the best condition their franchise has ever been in. The Jared Goff experiment has paid off in spades, and their defense just keeps getting better. To all the Lions fans out there, congrats. Y’all deserve it. The Buccs have been doing pretty alright for themselves after grabbing former 1st overall pick, Baker Mayfield, from free agency this off-season. They’re having a respectable season! As impressive as Mayfield has been for what little he was expected to do this year, the Lions are firing on all cylinders. 

Cardinals vs. Rams

Cardinals 17, Rams 27

Josh Dobbs has been doing surprisingly well this year. That’s not to say he’s been great, but they did beat the Cowboys that one time! The Rams have also been exceeding expectations. But much like with Dobbs, people’s expectations of them were never high to begin with. With that being said: Cooper Kupp is back, Puka Nacua is fantastic, and Stafford has gotten it together. Much to Sam’s dismay, expect a Rams win.

Eagles vs. Jets

Eagles 24, Jets 10

SAM: Despite once again starting the year off 5-0, the Eagles haven’t looked like their 2022 5-0. Their 28 points scored/game is only eight more than they let their opponents score on that same per-game basis. Their opponents have more net passing yards/game than they do; and, per, their red zone touchdown efficiency has plummeted to bottom-10 in the league at 42.11%. That’s not to say they’re not good. You’ve got to be good to have five wins and no losses. This is just to say that this game could be a trap for them.

SOLOMON: I had a dream last night that Devonta Smith and AJ Brown made Sauce Gardner lose his mind. I can just feel it.

Giants vs. Bills

Giants 7, Bills 38

The Giants are bad. Really, really, really, bad. The Bills are not! I’m not going to elaborate.

Cowboys vs. Chargers

Cowboys 27, Chargers 24

SAM: I’ve already discussed how the Cowboys were clowned on by my 9ers in Week 5. I won’t beat a dead horse. Just know that the Cowboys will most likely use this as a wakeup call to bounce back. Do I want to be wrong in this prediction? Absolutely. 

SOLOMON: Cowboys 27, Chargers 28

I really want to see Herbert win. He deserves a better team, but I guess he will have to make do with the Chargers.

Sam’s Power Rankings

  1. San Francisco 49ers (5-0)
  2. Detroit Lions (4-1)
  3. Philadelphia Eagles (5-0)
  4. Kansas City Chiefs (4-1)
  5. Buffalo Bills (3-2)

Solomon’s Power Rankings

  1. San Francisco 49ers (5-0)
  2. Detroit Lions (4-1)
  3. Miami Dolphins (4-1)
  4. Buffalo Bills (3-2)
  5. Philadelphia Eagles (5-0)
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