A Loss, But No Regrets

Despite the outcome, I’m glad I experienced that exciting game.

Gabby Burns, Contributor

The Ravens crushed the Jets in the opening game of the season in New York, and returned to their home field in Baltimore on a warm, beautiful day.

It was the Ravens’ opening game, the first home game of the season. The crowd was animated, everyone flying into the stadium excited to watch the game. I am still as excited as I was walking in, with the crowd cheering and the Star-Spangled Banner in the background. I couldn’t wait for the game to begin.

The two teams lined up in position for the opening kickoff, and the Ravens were receiving. The Dolphins kicked off, and the crowd watched as the ball flew through the air. Devin Duvernay stood in the end zone, caught the ball, and sprinted like a bullet to the Dolphins’ end zone.

We were all out of our seats anxiously waiting for this tragedy to end. It felt like the longest 10 minutes ever.

He was untouchable. The Dolphins couldn’t seem to keep up with him. He scored the Ravens’ first touchdown in under a minute. The crowd, including me, went crazy. It was an amazing way to start off the game.

It would also turn out to be one of the most exciting moments of this game. After that touchdown, the game seemed too easy. The Ravens were playing amazingly, and kept getting the ball. Everyone thought this was our game.

On defense, Marcus Williams dove onto the ground to intercepts a pass from the Dolphins quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa. The Ravens got possession of the ball and drove it down the field. Another wave of cheers and excitement rolled over the stadium.

Then, the Ravens drove the ball almost for another touchdown, but they fumbled two inches from the end zone. The excitement of the crowd turned to frustration. Instead of a Ravens touchdown, the Dolphins now had the ball.

As the Dolphins drove the football down the field, the Ravens’ defense couldn’t seem to find their rhythm. Despite the Ravens trying their hardest, the Dolphins made the Ravens’ defense look like they’d never played before. The Dolphins ended the drive with a touchdown.

After that, Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson took control. He passed as much as he could to help the Ravens keep up the score.

Eventually, Ravens took the lead by 21 points. The crowd was once again flooded with hype energy. Fans were remembering that this was our game; we could smell victory. The Ravens had a 21-point lead going into halftime.

But to start the second half, the Dolphins scored a touchdown. The few fans in turquoise and orange got excited. Ravens fans’ excitement decreased. The Ravens started playing worse after that touchdown, and their poor defensive play continued.

The crowd grew angry, as we were all out of our seats anxiously waiting for this tragedy to end. It felt like the longest 10 minutes ever. The Dolphins’ score kept rising, as our hope for this win was falling.

In the end, it was a sad night in the bank. The Ravens did not take home the win.

The weather stayed beautiful, though, despite the loss in their first game. I am still glad I experienced that exciting game.