Your Valentines, 2021!


Hello everyone! The Quaker Quill sent out a survey two weeks ago asking students to tell us about their crush or someone they care about. We received countless anonymous responses about students’ loved ones, and have a few that we would like to share:

   He’s really cute but I haven’t gotten to know him over the years of being in his grade and having classes with him. Kinda sucks that we aren’t at school but every interaction with him has left me thinking and remembering them for days. This is for Pierce. I’ll probably never admit it to him but idk it’s senior year and ya know it is what it is. Happy Valentine’s Day!

   I love Peyton Williams because she makes me laugh nonstop. Could not ask for a better person in my life.

   My friend is someone I appreciate deeply, and who has been there for me through thick and thin. I think they realize how much I support them, but I don’t know if they realize how much they have helped me in the past year. I don’t know where I’d be without them.

   When Graham Rifkin smiles, I smile. His voice is so charming; it sounds like a million angels singing.

   ana lane is the love of my life. she’s always excited to see you no matter the time or day. there’s very few people who are so genuine and sweet. also her singing makes me cry. everyone deserves an ana lane 🙂

   Ben! I had a massive crush on you in middle school

   The bag has been recently secured so we good.

   She cute n stuff and I like hanging out with her.

   I am in love with Ned Forbush.

   sammi in the sophomore class is so amazing and beautiful i love her so so much *muah*

   It ain’t lookin good my g

   So I’ve liked this girl for a while but I’m still too nervous to say anything to her. The problem is that I am convinced she doesn’t like me but I don’t know because I have never asked. I don’t know what to do and it’s bothering me. Imagine having a crush, but um i love all my friends so much and miss them!

   I’m in love with Rachel Millspaugh she’s so cute

   someone i love… she’s intelligent, strong, and determined when it comes to anything. she has a passion for family and for success. i’ve seen her cry sometimes but she never quit, she inspires me to be a better person. she inspires me to work harder even when i feel horrible. especially at a time like this, i’m really struggling with school. although it’s been stressful for the both of us, she still supports me day to day and i’ve been doing better. she’s always been by my side when i rant about a crush or when i tell her how my day wasn’t great. it seems so basic to write about a parent you love because that’s what they’re supposed to do right? well that’s where people get it wrong – not everyone shares a loving with their parent and sometimes don’t share one with either. some people may not even have their parents around whether that be mentally or physically. however she’s been there both ways and i’m beyond grateful for all of it.

   idk if this counts but i adore all of the db8 females:)

   I love myself. – Zakiy G

   He’s easy to talk to and rlly supportive and cute as hell

   The little things he says to me always put a smile on my face. He makes me want to listen to love songs, and still give me butterflies, and he makes me speechless. I don’t know how I got so lucky to have such an amazing person like him in my life. He’s the best boyfriend anyone could have asked for. I am the luckiest girl in the world.

   he’s on a whole other continent rn tho :’(

   It’s really hot how much Sam Pate knows about politics.

   Some people say Owen Burns is the Model UN God, and that is super attractive.

   Okay okay so I met him late last year in September through a mutual friend and kinda started crushing right away haha. Anyways fast forward a month and turns out that the feeling was mutual. He asked me out in November so it’s almost been three months. He also has a really big family and I get along with all of his siblings (his little sisters are my favorite people ever). fun fact: he doesn’t have a phone so he calls me from his home phone and we talk for like over an hour everyday. Also this is my first real bf ever so i don’t really know what i’m doing. aaaanyways i hope you enjoyed reading this hahaha

   Alex Lakatta is really unique! He’s also so good at swimming sort of!

   The heads of the finance club are hot -One of the Heads of the Finance Club

   My favorite thing about Molly is that she does 15 hours of homework everyday, while still managing to run 20 miles a day. She is so productive it makes me too nervous to talk to her, how will she ever have time for me? Should I take up running so we can do it together?

   I really like Molly but I am afraid to get in the car with her.

   We just started hanging out but he’s really fun to be around and super cute!

   I love the way Carson Cortright occasionally spills his entire hot chocolate on himself.

   Molly Gantt is so amazing and smart. I love it when she helps me with my math homework. A genius. She’s also such a good driver. I feel so safe in the car with her. I hope one day we can go on a date.

   I love the way Charlotte Martin practices the violin every single night for a minimum of 45 minutes. My favorite thing about Charlotte is her car, a Kia Soul with three student driver stickers. I hope that she notices me one day.

   Christina is so strong and dedicated to her physical health. Sometimes I see her running, but I am too scared to say hi because she is too speedy. I hope one day I get the courage to tell her my true feelings.

   I don’t think I can properly put into words what she means to me, but I’m going to give it my best shot. Ever since she came back into my life, I’ve lit up every time I’ve gotten a text from her. The time I get to spend with her has been exactly what I needed to get through the fallout of 2020. She is beautiful inside and out, with a sense of humor that melds with mine a little too perfectly. With the exception of the moments when we’re both subtly certain that the other is a serial killer pulling a long-con, I trust her with my heart and my darkest secrets. While we don’t know what’s going to happen with us in a few months, I am overwhelmingly grateful to have her in my life, and I hope that my dumb behind doesn’t forget to show this to her.

   Charlotte is so effortlessly smart and is such a math and science whiz! My favorite thing about Charlotte is that she is so bubbly and even bounces when she is excited! I am too scared to tell her how I feel, so I am doing this here. I hope she reads this.

   I met him really in the beginning of last school year. There has been this awkwardness between us for a while, and the one time I saw him in person this year it’s like we can’t even say hi to each other. Even though I’ve accepted that he will never like me, I still think he is a really cool person. He is kind, smart, and passionate about his interests, and I wish somehow it could’ve worked out differently

   Christina is so fast and amazing and strong. Such an athlete. I hope one day I can be strong just like her. My favorite thing about Christina is that she has a dog named Buddy that bit me one time. She lives so close to me, I see her around sometimes. I hope we run into each other sometime with her dog. I hope he doesn’t bite me this time.

   Carson Cortright – such a great guy with a superb academic and athletic record

   Gabe Remch is super nice and funny! I wish we talked more, but we are both kinda quiet.

   my friend Amia Dvorak isn’t really a crush, but represents everything i want in someone— quirky, good taste in food and music, sharp, loves animals, all that good stuff 🙂

   my friends on “The Bois” google hangout are great and I have loved getting to know them more and interact with them. They’re all really smart and funny, and have supported my social life since the pandemic started. We may not be able to spend that much time together, but this chat has fostered many relationships that I am overjoyed and grateful to have.

   Charlie Wayner is so tall and handsome