New Club: Dungeons & Dragons

In pandemic times, students connect through a classic role-playing game


Sophia Clark

A display of the Dungeons and Dragons game, by the D&D Club

From high elves, to aasimars, to dwarfs, everyone is talking about the new D&D club.

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) is a new club in the Upper School where members play a game and complete quests using characters they create with nothing but words and dice.

D&D is a classic game known to be played in high schools, but Friends School has lacked a group for a while. The club heads and co-founders, 9th graders Jack Branson, Sylena Christan, and Sophia Clark, say they created the D&D club so that anyone who wanted to could join, regardless of experience.

“All skill levels are welcome,” Sophia says. So far, “there’s probably four people who haven’t played before.”

Sophia describes D&D as “a role-playing game where players roll dice to make decisions, solve puzzles, or defeat monsters.”

Jack is one of them.

“It was actually Sylena who talked me into [trying] it,” sayd Jack. “I’ve actually never played D&D before, but she told me this story about how people were making the most ridiculous characters, and I was like, ‘I wanna make a ridiculous character!’”

“We are definitely wanting to turn this into, like, a serious thing, where people can join and learn D&D and have fun.”

The club heads say they want to make clear that this is an all-inclusive club, for people who love D&D and for anyone who wants to check it out. D&D is supposed to be a fun, relaxed game that you can play as you hang out with your friends. The club has received a really good response so far, and now includes 14 members

If you want to join the D&D Club (or if you are an Upper School teacher who is willing to advise this club), email Sophia Clark at [email protected].