Your Valentines, 2022!

As the Quaketones serenade lucky beloveds, the GSA delivers gummy grams, Happy Period brings home-baked goods to hungry recipients, and people guzzle orange Crush from their crushes, love is in the air at Friends, according to these anonymous letters-writers

Quill contributors

❤️ Anneke Wagner is one of the kindest girls I know

❤️ kennedy is so pretty and kind

❤️ Hannah Netzer named her dogs “fatso” and “skinny.” I admire her honesty because her dog is in fact, large.

❤️ We appreciate Ms. Wilmoth!!!! -Ms. Wilmoth’s fans

❤️ I have never had a crush this intense before, she’s so pretty and I see her everyday. I literally have to calm myself down when I see her. She has really good taste in music and her laugh is so amazing. She takes my breath away

❤️ Max Hill is so cool and handsome.

❤️ there’s this person who’s really cute and funny and i think he likes me but it’s hard to tell

❤️ Inti is so fine and has a smart genuine personality

❤️ A Valentine limerick for Zoe, Sara, Maya, Sabina, Miles, Will, Mai Li, Nicholas, Paige, Brandon, and Sam:

You guys are the greatest Advisory,
Boss like Moderna or Pfizer e-
Ven though I’m a dork, I’ll
Never lose at Sporcle,
Cuz my advisees are bolder and wiser (y).


❤️ madi is such a great friend and she gives such good advice and SHES LITERALLY SO GORGEOUS

❤️ Victoria C

❤️ mikel is so funny and prettyyy

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❤️ Zion Clark is a handsome young man

❤️ Nigel Mckinney’s prowess in the stock market is very attractive

❤️ maya w has such a bold and confident personality. i love how she carries herself with so much confidence and isn’t afraid to do anything. she’s also sooooo prettyyy

❤️ Rhyan Taylor is so beautiful and so under appreciated. I don’t think she knows how much people care about her. She’s so sweet and she always makes my day. Everybody needs a Rhyan in their life.

❤️ Arielle Carpenter never brings a dull moment to my life. She always tells the most intriguing stories. She has really pretty hair and sometimes I find myself scrolling through her tiktok for hours.

❤️ Sylena Christian is SO funny! She’s so cool to be around

❤️ Sterling is cute

❤️ i love my canadian e-boyfriend

❤️ Victoria is so pretty

❤️ I’ve known connor for a while now, and I’ve always thought he was cute🤪

❤️ Food- You’re always there for me and turn my anger into happiness. I love you forever

❤️ sammi, ily

❤️ Tus ojos tan lindos y profundos me derriten hasta el fondo del alma!

❤️ There’s a junior who I love so much, both romantically and as a friend. They’re so sweet and I love to just hang out with them and laugh. I know it will never work out, but this is for you J.

❤️ Lydia Jones is really nice and pretty. Everytime I see her, my day gets better. She’s really fun to be around and has really interesting stories.

❤️ layla is extremelyyyyy beautiful and is such a chill person to know. i love our convos after lunch and even when we don’t have anything to talk about, she’s so comfortable to be around.

❤️ Seeing Ben Smith workout in the gym is so attractive

❤️ Laya and Lulu are like the cutest awesomest people ever <3

❤️ i have a crush on kennedy

❤️ Brayden Mathias is really cute.

❤️ I have a huge crush on a person who I’m friends with. He’s super nice but I don’t know if the feelings are reciprocated. I also value our friendship more than taking a chance of dating and then breaking up (if he likes me back of course).

❤️ Bryan Hastings ginger beard is so hot I wish he would bring it back

❤️ Isa Wilkes always makes me laugh

❤️ Rhyan is literally my fav she is so cute and sweet♥️

❤️ I love cori strain ❤️

❤️ I just really love my entire friend group so much. I know we all care about each other a lot, and that I can always count on them when I need to. Thank you all for always making my day! 🙂

❤️ Rhyan Taylor has the best outfits ever. She even makes sweatpants look good. She always has the best hairstyles and I want her to know that I think she deserves the world.

❤️ Sachin Rao is a gift to this earth

❤️ Ella Wilkerson is so pretty and nice

❤️ ella corcoran is the prettiest girl in the world and nobody deserves her

❤️ Chloe is hands down the best girl boss there is I love her

❤️ Tatyana Day has the best vibe, she’s always energetic and when she’s not energetic she’s either asleep or listening to music. She’s really pretty and is really relatable.

❤️ LITERALLY LOVE LYDIA. she’s honestly so fun to be around and she has such a bubbly personality and such a good heart. she’s also like extremely gorgeous <3

❤️ I appreciate my friends and family for all the support they give me and all the great memories that I’ve had with them!

❤️ ashley j is one of the funnest people to be around even tho her jokes are terrible. she’s so pretty and just gives off such great vibes 🙂

❤️ tatyana is STUNNING and such a great dancer. she’s so funny and fun to be around

❤️ chloe l is the sweetestttt and i love how her eyes light up when i give her kiwi 🙂 she’s so so pretty and literally body goals

❤️ Connor Ennis, he will be missed

❤️ Declan is an incredible friend that I care deeply for

❤️ She’s beautiful, smart, funny, and very fun to spend time with. I always enjoy when I get to spend time with her. My crush will probably never materialize into a relationship or anything, but I’m fine with that. Just being friends is still very pleasant and fun.

❤️ Being around him makes me so happy, and having a conversation with him always makes my day! He’s so cute when he laughs. I appreciate every moment I spend around him, he’s so thoughtful, kind, considerate, intelligent, and he has such beautiful brown eyes. He is just all-around amazing.

❤️ Jonathan Elkins is cute – like a cat 😻

❤️ Ben Keller is goated in math class

❤️ Kaya Banerjee is the best lab partner!

❤️ girls bball has been so much fun this year and the ENTIRE team is so supportive and just amazing 🙂

❤️ Quite frankly, she’s the most beautiful person I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. It’s a mix of love and pain whenever I talk to her, or see her from a distance. She’s just so smart and likeable. My brain tells me to move on, but my heart can’t stop loving her. I’m just lucky enough to have met her, and stay friends with her. Just know that you are the most amazing person I have ever met and absolutely nothing will ever stop me from thinking otherwise. Everyone has that person out there who will love them unconditionally, sometimes you just need to spend some time looking. 💘

❤️ Maeve Reichert is awesome to be around

❤️ Emmet Neff-McGready benching two plates is really impressive. He is SO strong!!!

❤️ kayin is so gorgeous and a nice person

❤️ the friends that i have are so nice and will help me with literally anything. i am still new around them and pretty awkward but i know that they’re always there for me <3

❤️ caroline a is very awesome and so cool

❤️ I am in love with Jadon Sherrod

❤️ My day is brightened every time I see Ella Corcoran

❤️ Ashley J is such a fun person to be around, she always makes me laugh and seeing her brightens my day 🙂

❤️ I wrote this poem for this person. I think they’ll be able to figure out who they are, but I hope they have no clue who I am:

When we are young, they say we don’t know what love is
But sometimes you love somebody
But sometimes you are in love with somebody
But when you are both, it’s the most powerful thing
Because I love your curly brown hair
Because I love your green-blue eyes
Because I love your silly smile
Because I love the way you wave to me in the hall
Because I love those same 3 sweatshirts you always wear
Because I love your contagious laugh
Because I love the same old sandwich you eat every day at lunch
Because I love the way you make sure I’m always ok
Because I love you
Because I am in love with you

❤️ This really isn’t anonymous, but my girlfriend, Kali Sanmiller, is amazing 🙂 she’s beautiful and funny and interesting and I can just sit with her and be there and it’s still so lovely. Love you Kali <3

❤️ Madi Haughton is one of the prettiest girls in the 9th grade. I just want to know if she would like to accompany me to the mysterious wedding today.

❤️ arielle is gorgeousssssss!! i love how she always puts up w me and listens to me sing disney songs 🙂


❤️ I like people there [retty cool