Brief: The Ultimate First Game

Friends School’s new frisbee team had wide support and a narrow win at their first game of the season.

Eva D'Addario, Briefs Editor

Friends School’s new Ultimate Frisbee team had their first game on the 8th of March, and it was well attended by students and parents, even though it was on a Wednesday. The bleachers on Lawndale field were much fuller of Friends fans than the other team that was playing. The students were showing out, and you could tell how supportive they were of the whole team.

The coaching staff, Victor Polyak and Ryan Anderson, were walking up and down the field the whole game, shouting out the next play. In between points, the team would huddle in the end zone to determine the lineup for the next point.

The players seemingly had a great dynamic, clapping while the lineup was called, and doing a team cheer. Even when the players weren’t on the field they were cheering their teammates on, and the sense of community seemed wide-reaching.

The whole team played great, and the game ended with a triumphant 8-7 win for the Quakes. Afterward, player Tess Porter expressed her love for the game – and the community.

“I would like to thank the Friends School community for finding a way to make Ultimate Frisbee a spring sport,” she said.