Review: ‘The Curse of La Patasola’ Will Make You Jump

It’s not a movie for the squeamish or easily frightened, but I recommend it to anyone who likes horror.


Courtesy of Renegade Creative

Image of La Patasola, from the movie poster

Kayla Hanks, Contributor

La Patasola, or “one-foot,” is an Amazon legend about a monster, that is told to scare people into being faithful to their partners. She is a beautiful woman with long, curly black hair – and only one leg.

This year, director AJ Jones came out with a new movie called “The Curse of La Patasola,” and I watched it. Its genre is horror, and its theme follows faithfulness, morality, and the will to live.

The movie starts as two couples are going out into a lake to go fishing. They get to a site and set up camp. That’s when the scary storytelling starts. 

La Patasola goes after the unfaithful people. She lures men who cheat with her wonderful singing and beautiful face. She also possess the girls they cheated with – and makes them kill the men. 

The only thing that can stop La Patasola is fire. 

As the movie progresses, both couples seem a little paranoid while in their tents, and while fishing. Out in the forest, it is just the characters versus nature. They are somewhat stranded. 

This movie has a lot of twists and turns. You have to watch carefully to make sure you don’t miss the small details that make the plot. It’s not a movie for people who are squeamish or easily scared, because there are many jump scares and a lot of blood.

Actor Luciana Faulhaber does a great job embracing the role of La Patasola. She truly makes the movie.

The best part of the plot was when characters Naomi and Daniel go deep into the woods, and cheat on their partners with one another. That summons La Patasola.

My least favorite character in the movie was Daniel, because he is a snob. He gets into arguments with the others over absolutely nothing, and is rude to them. 

The character Sarah, Daniel’s wife, upset me the most during the film, because she was hesitant and too nice to him. I felt that, since Daniel was her husband, she should have been able to stand up to him, and use her voice to tell him to back off. 

My favorite character was Naomi because, she always makes sure to get her point across. Unlike the other characters, she and never backed down from Daniel. 

But I did not always like the way Naomi’s character was written. She was a black woman who was bossy, snappy, and easily irritated. In many scary movies I’ve seen, the black woman is the one bossing everyone else around, and being mean to others over nothing. I don’t think the producer intended this, necessarily, but I picked up on it while watching the movie. 

Even so, I definitely recommend this movie to anyone who loves scary movies that have jump scares – or just scary movies in general.