Your Valentines, 2023!

Love is in the air! Friends students and teachers wrote valentines to friends, crushes, and people they admire. (All those named below have consented to have their valentines published.)

❤️ Kaya G is kool

❤️ I’ve had a crush on this person for a while, but was too shy to say anything. Settled for just being friends. I still never worked up the courage to tell them, and when I was close they got in another relationship. It’s ok, they’re happy now.

❤️ Kudos to Ms. Hall and Ms. Diggs who always make the Library such a warm and welcoming space. You rock!

❤️ maisie is the most slayful gal in all the land

❤️ Barak is so fine

❤️ Thanks Krisna for being such a great friend. I enjoy our study halls together. Never stop being you.

❤️ I love the entire class of ’23! (Especially the one who is my daughter)

❤️ khadejah i love u, u so cute, #givemelovenowpleaseandthankyou <333

❤️ ella marie cha cha w, i love u so so much! u so cute <3

❤️ chloe l i love u xoxo- ur secret lover

❤️ This person says they’re incapable of falling in love. I seriously doubt it and wish them all the best in their future romantic endeavors.

❤️ Suwen is so cool and smart I love her so much!!!!!!!!!

❤️ Sophia C is my best friend ever, they’re so cool and nice and I love them so much <3

❤️ absolutely love krisna<3 she’s one of my best friends<3

❤️ Sylena is such a fun person to be around, she’s super silly and cool!!!

❤️ Ella W is my favorite nemesis

❤️ i love kyriana m..she makes me whole and complete

❤️ khadejah is my fav i LOVE HER

❤️ quinn c is so slayful. when i wake up in the morning i think about how i can be more like her.

❤️ tbh you’re a pretty great first mate

❤️ He’s definitely straight and doesn’t know i exist but we together in my mind.

❤️ I am obsessed with Ryanne B.

❤️ I love my friends. They always have my back and make me feel like I contribute something to the world 🙂

❤️ They were one of the most amazing people I ever met and always made my day and I always had the best conversations with them every time I got the chance to talk to them, even if it wasn’t very often. But I never took a chance and now I may never see them again. But in the end maybe it’s better I didn’t end things on an awkward note. I guess I’ll never know

❤️ He’s so gorgeous I need him to assist me with my laundry immediately

❤️ Nikala is legit THE it girl. she’s amazing <3

❤️ Maeve you are very cool and silly <3

❤️ MS HALL THE LIBRARIAN!!!! YOU ARE AMAZINGGGG!! wouldn’t have survived the junior paper without you!!!!!!!!! Love your hair, keep slaying!! <3

❤️ ashlee is quite actually one of the most gorgeous people i’ve ever seen and she’s so relatable and talented. i love talking to her. i love ashlee ❤️

❤️ Eva D is so full of joy and gorgeous

❤️ She is beautiful and an amazing person <3

❤️ Roses are red

Violets are blue

Bald is beautiful

Rob T, I love you

❤️ ellie s is so pretty

❤️ Nigel T has the best arms

❤️ nikala is so amazing. she’s like perfect actually. she can make you laugh, make you feel good, make you feel loved. what can’t she do? she’s one of my favorite people on the planet and honestly like my big sister. idk how i’d live without her. also, she is DROP. DEAD. AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS. she’s unreal, she’s unmatched, and she deserves the world. i love nikala forever❤️

❤️ Kayla H is my soulmate <3 I love you to the moon and back, thanks for always sticking by me!

❤️ my laybae is the cutest girl ever. i love layla so much i can talk to her about anything! she’s so much fun to just groove with and hang out with and talk to, she’s really an amazing girl. AND SHES BEAUTIFUL SO SO BEAUTIFUL. I LOVE YOU LAYY❤️

❤️ He makes me go hehehehehehehehehehehehehe

❤️ She makes me smile, makes me wanna do better, always there for me, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us together

❤️ isa w is a goddess walking on earth and i worship her dearly

❤️ i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE elaina she is the cutest girl ever i wanna put her in my pocket shes adorable i love.

❤️ Erika is my fav and I love her to the end of the earth!!!!!!!

❤️ Emma b is the prettiest person i´ve ever met, both inside and out 🙂

❤️ while watching the hitch of your breath from the rise and fall of your shoulders and the faint clouds of fog rising up, i was struck by the urge to pull you close to me and do something profound to keep you from ever being hurt again, like using my body as a temple to hide you away in, to protect you somehow inside myself where i could take any pain you might have to face and let it hurt me instead. is it so sick to want to be a home for you?

❤️ was that poem about me?

❤️ Sam W has such nice, big hands

❤️ I regret being so antisocial and closed-minded before to them because now I’m more open but it’s much too late.

❤️ meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow<3

❤️ i love them 🙂

❤️ laylas my fav shes my valentine and i love her sm

❤️ okay can we talk about how much i literally love chlo? she’s really bae fr i love her so much. she’s always makin me laugh and always hyping us up and making everyone just happy all the time. even though she bullies me for walking slow, i still love and appreciate her so much and i always will. my favvv i’m so grateful for her. ALSO HER IG COMMENTS ARE THE BESTTTTTT. AND SHES A HOTTIE!!!! I LOVE YOU CHLOOOO❤️

❤️ elainaaaaaa my girllllll. she’s literally my fav. ELAINA IS PERFECT! she’s good at literally any and everything, especially beatboxing‼️ she always finds a way to make me smile and she’s the best chem partner in the world! omg and then she comes to school looking so gorgeous everyday and i’m just BLOWN AWAY by her beauty. she’s stunning. and she’s the best! i love you elaina of avalor❤️ #rhylaina4L

❤️ I. LOVE. ERIKA. she’s always so sweet to me and she makes me feel so loveddd 🙂 i love how entertaining her life is haha she has such eventful stories. she absolutely deserves the best in everything. cause she’s the best. omg and erika is literally one of the prettiest girls i’ve EVER SEEN! i loooove u erika my loveee❤️

❤️ ASHLEYYYY!!!! MY FAVVVVV!!! i love talking to ashley, never a dull moment. she always makes me laugh and she gives AMAZING HUGS!!! i wish ashley nothing but happiness and love forever and ever bc she deserves it! so muchhh!!! omg she’s such a cutie too like literally so pretty and omg she has the prettiest smileeeee. i love you ashley J❤️

❤️ ISABEL C! sweetest girl everrrrrr!! and her smile is so so so so pretty omggggg. isabel can do it allllllllllllll. what can’t she do???? she’s so awesome and talented and gorgeoussss and i just love her so much❤️❤️ 

❤️ anna banana!! my love <33 thank you for being so caring and generous all the time. anna is such a lovely girl, honestly. she’s so thoughtful and sweet and i love that about her. and anna is literally sooooo gorgeous with a beautiful soul 🙂 i love you annaaa ❤️

❤️ khadejah is my absolute favorite. WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT KHADEJAH?? she’s so thoughtful and she comes up with the best ideas. she’s so helpful and caring and GORGEOUS and just perfect, ur perfect khadejah. thank you so much for everything that you do for me and for others! ur the best ever. i love love love you ❤️

❤️ koko is my wife. i love koko. she is perfection. #meandkokoaremarried 

❤️ i love this girl because she makes me laugh with her funny jokes 

❤️ kennedy is really sweet and pretty girl, hopefully i can build the courage to talk to her more 

❤️ Happy Belated Birthday Nikala!!!!!!!!!!!!

❤️ NIKALAAAA i love u! ur the best friend i could ask for <3Love is in the air! Friends students and teachers wrote valentines to friends, crushes, and people they admire. (All those named below have consented to have their valentines published.)

❤️ sachin has really sick hair and style

❤️ boy do i love cone flowers. almost as much as i love my partner :3

❤️ sorry i didn’t get you a chocolate yet avery, i haven’t forgotten! safe travels 🙂

❤️ laina is so hot i’m stealing her from her man

❤️ Your eyes pull me in so close
And I can’t help but stare at your beauty
Like a sole rose.


When we talk, I am attracted
Your humor, your intelligence, your love,
I can’t help but be distracted.


I oh so wish to say “I love you”
And I do know you would say “I love you too”,
But I fear you might not mean it in the same way I do.

❤️ SOFIA R I love u SOoOooOooo much. 🙂

❤️ Lara is the hottest girl alive.

❤️ Sasha is so awesome, and she is so much fun to discuss marvel and trashy romance with. And she always shares her brownies. P.S. WE <3 SASHA

❤️ Ryan X is pretty cool

❤️ cj is so fine

❤️ ja’la is so pretty 🤩 😍she is literally gorgeous and is the nicest person ever and i love her so much

❤️ As unconventional as it may seem, there’s something about Ryan X that just draws me in. Maybe it’s the way his fingers move effortlessly across the keyboard, producing a symphony of sound that never fails to leave me in awe. Or perhaps it’s his unwavering passion for what some may consider ‘bad’ music – it’s like he’s not afraid to embrace his quirks and share his unique taste with the world. And even when he’s being a total nuisance, playfully teasing me or making silly jokes, I can’t help but feel a warm sense of love and admiration for the one-of-a-kind person that he is. Ryan Xu may not fit the mold of a conventional romantic partner, but to me, he’s everything I could ever want and more.

❤️ Dinghui X, From the moment I first saw your buzz cut, I knew that you were something special. I spend my afternoons watching through the weight room window, absolutely mesmerized as your shapely chest contracts through your emo Metallica shirt from the weight of your 400 lb bench pr. As your face screws up in intense concentration, I fantasize about the day where you ask me to spot you. I play that scenario over and over again in my head, waiting, praying for it. Maybe that day will come soon.

❤️ Aiden, my dear, with intellect bright,
Chess pieces in hand, the board in sight.
Each move he makes is a thing of grace,
His mind racing on at a steady pace.

Math is his passion, his love, his art,
Solving equations, taking them apart.
His mind is sharp, his wit is keen,
Aiden’s intellect is a sight to be seen.

Basketball is where he finds his thrill,
Dribbling the ball with a practiced skill.
On the court, he’s the leader of the pack,
His moves are quick, his shots never slack.

And when the sun sets and the night is still,
Aiden’s fire lights up the hill.
A raging blaze, with sparks that fly,
He tells stories, laughs and sighs.

Aiden, my dear, with passions so bright,
You light up the world with your own special light.
With every move, every thought, every flame,
You make the world a better place, and our hearts are forever changed.

❤️ Marcus is the best person in the world